A Hand Book of Sindhi Proverbs rendered into English

A Hand Book of Sindhi Proverbs اي ھينڊ بڪ آف سنڌي پراوربسThis is a eBook published after 75 years by Al-Munaim library Larkano. This enables new but interested personnel, having knowledge of English, to learn the Proverbs and Sayings of Sindh and Sindhi Language.

Country side Sweet ڳوٺاڻو ڳڙ

This book was authored and compiled by Janjilal D Ahooja in early forties and published in five installments in a legend journal of Sindhi language, named Sindhu, from Jacobabad Sindh. It is edited, re-compiled and typed by Engr. Abdul Wahab Sahito in Sindhi.

Gul Shakar گل شڪر

Gul Shakar گل شڪر

This e-book is a computerized version of 7th edition published by Sindhi Adabi Board Hyderabad 1978 of Gul- Shakar, based on Sindhi Sayings and Proverbs, authored by Dewan Kevalram Salamrai Adwani. He wrote this book after his retirement during 1864. He completed it in his life and was published posthumously.

Proverbs knowledge پھاڪن جي پروڙ

Proverbs knowledge پھاڪن جي پروڙ

Shamasuddin Tunio of Larkana collected Sindhi Proverbs & Sayings during sixties and got published in book shape by H Ahmed & Sons publishers & sellers Shahi Bazar Hyderabad on 26 pages of crown size. Same book in ebook form is reproduced here intoto.

Proverbs n Sayings of Mathelo Ubarro ماٿيلي اٻاوڙي جا چوڻيون پھاڪا

Proverbs n Sayings of Mathelo Ubarro ماٿيلي اٻاوڙي جا چوڻيون پھاڪا

Abdul Wahab Sahito has compiled and edited the Proverbs of Mathelo/ Ubarro/ Ghotki which were collected by Muhammad Fazil Shaikh Sahib