Born in Jam Goth ڄائم جنھن ڄام ڳوٺ ۾

Born in Jam Goth ڄائم جنھن ڄام ڳوٺ ۾

This is an account of past of my native place where I was born. It is village Jam Noorullah of Taluka Kandiaro, District Naushehroferoze situated on the bank of National High way. There are living two major csates; Sahita and Ghanghra.

My Oceon My Shore منهنجو ساگر منھنجو ساحل

My Oceon My Shore منهنجو ساگر منھنجو ساحل
اظهار خيال

ٻاهر نڪرڻ کان اڳ سوچيو هوم ته جنهن ملڪ ۾ به ويندس، ان بابت مڪمل سفرنامو ۽ معلومات لکندس. پر پهريون سال ڏيڍ، لکڻ جي فرصت ئي نه ملي، سواءِ چند دوستن ۽ عزيزن کي خط لکڻ جي.
“منهنجو ساگر، منهنجو ساحل” ڪتاب اهڙن خطن جو مجموعو آهي ۽ بذات خود سفرنامو سمجهڻ کپي، جيڪي مون پنهنجن ٽن پهرين سفرن دوران پنهنجي عزيز دوست ڊاڪٽر سليمان کي لکيا هئا. ان بعد جنهن جنهن ملڪ ۾ ويو آهيان، يا جنهن جنهن سمنڊ تان لنگهيو آهيان ته اتي جا الڳ الڳ سفرناما، مضمونن جي روپ ۾ لکيا اٿم، جيڪي ٻئي ڪتاب ۾ اچي رهيا آهن.
هتي هڪ ڳالهه، هن ڪتاب جي پڙهندڙن لاءِ لکڻ ضروري ٿو سمجهان ته هي سڀ خط صاف دليءَ سان ۽ صاف گوئيءَ کان ڪم وٺي، ايمانداريءَ سان لکيا ويا آهن، بنا ڪنهن ملمع ڪاريءَ جي. ڪنهن به ملڪ، قوم يا انسان کي رنجائڻ، ڏکوئڻ يا بلئڪ ميل ڪرڻ جي مقصد بنا.
ان ڪري جيڪڏهن ڪٿي لهجو ناگوار محسوس ٿئي ته به ڇاڪاڻ ته لکڻ واري جو جذبو نيڪ آهي، ان ڪري ان کي درگذر ڪرڻ بهتر رهندو.
ان کان علاوه هي خط سياست ۽ مذهب جي روايتي تنگ نظريءَ کان پري رهي، جتي جتي، جيڪي ڪجهه مون ڏٺو آهي يا محسوس ڪيو آهي ته بي اختيار، پنهنجا تاثرات ۽ جذبات لفظن جي صورت ۾ بيان ڪيا اٿم. هونءَ به “سفرناما” هڪ “مسافر” جا تاثرات ئي ٿيندا آهن. پوءِ اهي تاثرات زبردست “حقيقتون” به ٿي سگهن ٿيون ته محض “اتفاق”پڻ.
مونکي آشا آهي ته هيءُ ڪتاب نه صرف هڪ سياح، واپاري، شاگرد، ٻاهر پڙهڻ يا نوڪري ڪرڻ جي خواهشمند ۽ ٻاهر جون دلچسپ خبرون حاصل ڪندڙ لاءِ چڱو ثابت ٿيندو، پر هڪ عام پڙھندڙ پڻ هن مان لطف ۽ فائدو حاصل ڪري سگهندو.

18 مئي 1970
آفتاب وِلا، هالا نوان، سنڌ

Lady Sayings of Delhi دهليءَ جي عورتن جون چوڻيون

This is a Sindhi version of the preface to the Proverbs and Sayings of Ladies of Delhi by Baigum Shaista Ikramullah Suharwardi. By the courtesy of Oxford it is translated by Engr. Abdul Wahab Sahito. This was first published in monthly Naoon Niapo of Karachi.

Lady Sayings of Delhi دهليءَ جي عورتن جون چوڻيون

is any job like this ههڙو ڪو ٻيو ڌنڌو

is any job like this ههڙو ڪو ٻيو ڌنڌو

This article is authored by Altaf Shaikh, Sindhi Travel writer, who lived in Malaka for many years. He had shared his views and observations regarding easy jobs with good remunerations, through out the world.

Altaf Shaikh (Sindhi/Urdu: الطاف شيخ) is a famous Sindhi scholar from Pakistan . Altaf Shaikh is a travel writer and well known traveler. He was born in the house of Gul Muhammad Shaikh on November 14, 1944 in New Hala District, Hyderabad (now Matiari District).

Altaf Shaikh got his early education from Hala, then from Cadet College Petaro. He studied marine engineering at Marine Academy Chittagong, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ) and did post graduation from World Maritime University , Malmo , Sweden . He was qualified as a ship engineer and after sailing as Chief Engineer on various types of ships for some 12 years he served Malaysian Naval Academy and Pakistan Marine Academy as Head of Marine Engineering Dept. for 8 and 12 years respectively.

Altaf Shaikh started writing regularly at the age of 18, when he was in Chittagong . His first story book was Anamika (the Bengali word for “unknown”) was published in 1966.

He can speak Bengali, Japanese and Malay fluently.

His first book on travel was Munhnjo Saagar Munhnjo Sahil, which was published in 1971, and won the Pakistan Writers Guild Award. Mr. Shaikh has written over 67 books, mostly travelogues. Recently he is awarded ‘Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’ award year 2008, for his recent book ‘From New Hala to New York’, by Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad.